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Grant Tessitore '19 Named District 6 Champion of The American Legion Orators Competition

Meredith Berry-Toon

Over the January 20-21 weekend, Fifth Former Grant Tessitore competed in The American Legion Orators Competition, a speaking competition for high school students who seek "to develop deeper knowledge and appreciation for the U.S. Constitution", as cited on the Legion's website.

For the competition, Tessitore presented two speeches on the United States Constitution, one that he had prepared beforehand and one extemporaneously. Tessitore focused his speeches on the role of the Constitution in the context of American jurisprudence as well as active citizenship in defending the Constitution.

Tessitore won first place and received a scholarship to be used towards his education. He advanced to the next level of the Orators Competition and will compete against five other district Connecticut champions at the State Orators Championship at Goodwin College on March 3.

Canterbury congratulates Tessitore, and as a School, we look forward to his State Orators performance!