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III Form Students Participate in Retreat

Meredith Berry-Toon

III Form students travelled to Lover's Leap with VI Form Sacristans and their faculty advisors this Wednesday for the annual first year retreat. Students began the day with a special breakfast and a prayer led by Deacon Bice '77 before hopping on the bus for the short drive over to the State Park.

At Lover's Leap, the Sacristan-led groups took their students to various stops overlooking the Housatonic River. "The III Form Retreat is an opportunity for students to get to know themselves, others, and God in a more meaningful way," noted Cynthia Willmen, Theology Department Faculty member and organizer of the Form Retreats. "Hiking at Lover's Leap State Park is the perfect atmosphere to have these types of conversations. The Sacristans guided the small group discussions and shared their own lives and experiences with the younger students. It was a great day!"

The Sacristans were charged with leading the III Formers through each station, stopping to encourage individual prayer and time to reflect by writing in journals. III Form students reflected on their initial weeks at Canterbury and what they hoped to accomplish during their time here. Throughout the morning, students discussed challenges that they had faced so far this year, people and resources that they have already used for guidance, and hopes for their future years at Canterbury.

The IV Form has already participated in their Form Retreat this year, "walking a mile" with the New Milford Social Service Food Bank. For the III Formers, their Form Retreat served as a way to bring their class together for spiritual reflection and create unity amongst students in their initial weeks as Canterbury community members.