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International Week Celebrated

Meredith Berry-Toon

On the evening of Saturday, April 7, Canterbury students from more than 10 distinct countries organized the International Affair Food Festival as the signature event launching International Week.

This year, Canterbury students representing China, Korea, Ireland, Venezuela, Canada, Mexico, Nigeria, Ireland, Ghana, Vietnam, and Brazil shared food at Saturday night's event.

"It's a fun night for students," remarked EJ Soifersmith, Assistant Dean of Students. "Most use faculty housing to prepare their sample food for the community. Some items take a lot of preparation, so students and faculty are cooking all day."

Language Department faculty member Julio Omaña and Giorgo Caripidis Soto '19 made plantain chips and arepas from Venezuela, Mathieu Savard '19 represented Canada with a snow cone machine, and Sonia Li '21 served Chinese vegetable and meat dumplings.

Each day at lunch this week, the dining hall will serve a special "International Meal" representing several different regions of the globe. Monday kicks off the week with chimichanga de pollo from Spain.

The focus of the week is to celebrate diversity in Canterbury's student body and pride in students' homelands. "It is a time for our International Students to share where they are from and teach us about their country and culture...and what makes them so special!," noted Soifersmith.

Throughout the week, videos are shared at School Meeting made by Canterbury's international students. The videos show family traditions, popular sports, or other items that may be different than their American counterparts. Students from each country represented in Canterbury's student body speak about their chosen topic—landscape, countries, food—and enlighten the community at-large.

Check our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all week for photos of the ongoing events.