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Meet the Canterbury Student Body of 2017-18

Meet the Canterbury Student Body of 2017-18
Meredith Berry-Toon

With exchange students back in the classroom after their five week trip and all students settled into their third week of the daily routine of classes, Canterbury gathered the student body for an all-School picture at the start of the 102nd academic year.

Nearly 140 new students are now members of the Canterbury community, comprising of over one third of the total student population on the hilltop this year.

Historically, this year is one of the most diverse in Canterbury's 102 year lifetime. Our students hail from 20 different countries, representing every continent but Australia and Antarctica. Domestically, students across all Forms come from 18 different states, including California, Colorado, Texas, and Louisiana.

Approximately 20 percent of the student body has an alumni relation - a grandparent, parent, sibling, or other family member - while nearly 6 percent of the student body is the child of a Canterbury alumnus.

We look forward to the rest of the year with this Canterbury community!