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Model U.N. Concludes Year-Long Work at Kent School

Meredith Berry-Toon

Following a year of weekly meetings, position paper writing, and New York Times daily briefings, Canterbury's Model U.N. (CSMUN) attended a day-long conference at the Kent School to culminate their 2017-18 competitive year. This spring marks the second full year of Canterbury's program; Advised by History Department Chair Jeff Johnson and student leader Sabrina Capodicci '20, students met weekly to work on their position papers and discuss global politics.

At the Kent School Conference (KSMUN), Canterbury joined delegates from Kent School as well as Brewster Academy, Westover School, and Millbrook School for a full day of conference and debate. Canterbury was represented in two committees: the Executive Committee and the United States Senate Committee on Environmental and Public Works.

Sabrina Capodicci '20 and Joyce Gao '20, better known as McGeorge Bundy and Paul Nitze, respectively, participated in the Executive Committee during which delegates argued the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Both Canterbury delegates deemed the Committee meeting a success as the missiles were removed from the island through careful negotiations with the U.S.S.R.

Steven Luo '19, JiWon Lee '20, and Yurou (Sonia) Li '21, also known as Bernie Sanders, Dan Sullivan, and Ben Cardin, respectively, argued for climate change reform in the United States Senate Committee on Environmental and Public Works. Impressively, the delegates were able to pass sweeping legislation to protect our planet from global warming. Steven Luo '19 won the Conference's Most Improved Delegate Award.

"It's been my greatest pleasure and greatest challenge to lead the Model U.N. this year," remarked student leader Sabrina Capodicci '20. "Going to the Kent conference was the culmination of a year's worth of effort from each member. Seeing how much everyone enjoyed it made it all worthwhile."

CSMUN prepares for a new year of challenges and successes as students return to campus next fall, ready to attend several university-level conferences.