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Sacristans and Sixth Form Council Members Announced for 2020-21 Academic Year

Kelly Slonaker

The positions of Sacristan and Sixth Form Council member are two of the most respected and highly regarded student leadership positions at Canterbury, available for students to apply as they enter into their Sixth Form year. Personal character, demonstrated faith, and leadership qualities define those Sixth Formers who earn these positions, as they help create the student culture at the School.

Rising Sixth Formers who have been named as Sacristans include: Giselle Bradshaw, Lexah Caraluzzi, Colleena Healy, Torin Kearney, Abigayle King, Max Oeser, Ella Olcese, Maggie Ondrey, and Sydney Ragland.

Members of next year’s Sixth Form Council include: Ju Yeon Cho, Na’Sah Dabbs, Katherine Delamere, Ryan Fee, Lily Greenwood, Max Oeser, Ella Olcese, and Sean Quaye.

Congratulations to all our rising Sixth Formers who were selected for leadership positions for the 2020-21 academic year!