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Sacristans named for 2019-20 Academic Year

Meredith Berry-Toon

Congratulations to the rising Sixth Formers who have been named as Sacristans for the 2019-20 Academic Year: Grace LaVigne, Justin Schneider, Abby Omaña, Reilly Mahan, Brigida Caruso, Ken Marici, JiWon Lee, Jack Cassidy, Kasey Sarmiento, Erin Sudbey, Kayla Jendras, and CC Poli. 

The position of Sacristan is the most respected and highly regarded student leadership position at Canterbury, available for students to apply as they enter into their Sixth Form year. Personal character, demonstrated faith, and leadership qualities define those Sixth Formers who earn a position as Sacristan. Sacristans live a life of faith and service and encourage the spiritual life of their peers through their active example.Sacristans are expected to contribute to the positive growth of the school community by their good example; exemplifying the Five Values and ideals of Canterbury School and that of a sincere Christian. Sacristans at Canterbury lead by their example of faith and charity. The Sacristans help organize retreats, offer daily reflections and prayers at School Meeting, serve at Mass, and encourage others to a life of service. Sacristans, with the support of faculty involved in Campus Ministry, the Chaplain, and the Interfaith Council, serve as the most active and vibrant force in the spiritual life of Canterbury.

Photos of Sacristan Installation