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School Honors Sixth Form Students at Annual Dinner

School Honors Sixth Form Students at Annual Dinner
Meredith Berry-Toon

Canterbury VI Form students and faculty joined to celebrate the year's convocation at the Annual VI Form Dinner. 34 "diehard" students -- those who have been at the school for all four forms -- were applauded for their years of dedication to the School. Cammy Roffe, a Science Department teacher and advisor to many VI form students, noted, "The dinner is a really special tradition. Faculty members line up and shake all students' hands, just as we do at graduation. I think it is significant for students that we bring the year to close as a full circle in the same way."

Head of School Rachel Stone remarked that while the VI form dinner is an important tradition for the School and the VI form, as students in their final year at Canterbury, another "tradition [that we] may not even recognize is that of leadership." She asked the class how they want to be known and what tone they want to set for the School for the remainder of the year.

She and her husband, Athletic Director Jim Stone, stood near the top of the circle as students walked around, hugging those teachers who they have known for four years and shaking all faculty members' hands. Vic Body, a four-year boarding student, considered Mrs. Stone's remarks. "I can't wait to close out the year by doing this at graduation. I want our class to be proud of our work this year."

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