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Sixth Form Awards Celebrate Class Of 2022

Sixth Form Awards Celebrate Class Of 2022
Jim Norman

Members of the Class of 2022 were honored and presented with awards during an assembly held in the Steers Center on May 26, on the eve of their Commencement.

The assembly opened with a prayer from Sacristan Giovanna “Gigi” Esposito, followed by opening remarks from Head of School Rachel Stone P ‘23, ‘24. Rachel noted, “Before we turn to leadership recognition and the presentation of awards, I would ask that we all pause. Look around. Acknowledge that today is May 26, that tomorrow you graduate, and that the highs and lows, Wednesday sleep-ins and Saturday dress downs, and Canterbury Skies and School Meeting shouts-outs that have been woven throughout your Canterbury journey are almost over. Hold tight to those memories all the way through tomorrow afternoon, for they will help carry you forward. 

She continued: “Collectively, you have embraced your experiences here and developed self-awareness, discipline, and confidence along the way. That learning curve never ends; you will face it again next fall as a new round of challenges arrives. But you are ready. You know yourselves as students; you know that persistence counts just as much as intelligence—if not more; and you know that seeking help is a strength, not a weakness. And so this afternoon, as we celebrate success and noteworthy performance, please remember that these awards are a celebration of excellent work but not a definition of where you stand as students and people. All of you have found success along your Canterbury journeys, and it’s the journey, of course, that is the true prize. The faculty and I thank and congratulate you for your good work and the impact you have made, and will leave, on our community.”

Preceding the first awards, Assistant Head of School for Student Life Peter LaVigne P ’14, ’16, ’17, ’20, ’23 recognized all members of the class who had held leadership positions over the course of their final year, including Sacristans, Sixth Form Council members, and proctors.

Class of 2022 members of the Canterbury Honor Society were also recognized individually for their hard work and academic accomplishments—Stella Bandak, Laurence Brady, Hanyan Cai, Emily Chickering, Isabella Carioscia, Jennifer Castro, Gigi Esposito, Ian Fernandes, Marina Fossati Druck, Jacob Gee, Victoria Gioiele, Lindsey Grandolfo, Erica Greene, Jeremiah “Jerry” Keefe, Walter “Stephen” Kershaw, Mari Leonard, Jerry Liu, Gavin Long, Ryan Marici, Olivia Meola, Abigail Mitchell, Maxim Mochalov, Kathryn “Kaly” Naughton, Alastair Ostrowski, Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Katelynn Pizzano, Ashley Regina, David Salazar, Madelyn Samplatsky, Logan Sanford, Alex Schneider, Nicola Sherriff, Sarina Sheth, Mateo Siabatto, Cooper Stepankiw, Qingzhi “George” Tu, Sebastian Voskericyan, “Eric” Yang, Ziqian “Jacqueline” Yang, Qixiu “Neil” Yao, and Yunfan “Peter” Zhang.

Athletic Director Jim Stone began the award presentation with athletic awards in several categories:

  • Most Improved Athlete—Brooke Stevenson and Henry Vetter

  • Best Leadership—Hannah Annunziata, Logan Sanford, and Malcolm Waynick

  • Best All-Around Athlete—Victoria Gioiele, Ashley Regina, Tyler Dinapoli, and Matthew “Cullen” Mulhern

Director of Studies Todd Mathewson then presented the Edward F. Mack Awards to members of the class for their contributions to particular areas of school life:

  • Outstanding Contributions to Community Service—Claire Kessing and Sarina Sheth

  • Outstanding Contributions to the Sustainability Club—Gigi Esposito and Sebastian Voskericyan

  • Outstanding Contributions to Theatre for Performance in a Male Role—Neil Yao

  • Outstanding Contributions to Theatre for Performance in a Female Role—Isabella Carioscia

  • Outstanding Service as a Proctor—Hanyan Cai, Katelynn Pizzano, Claire Kessing, Maxim Mochalov, Alastair Ostrowski, and Hannah Annunziata

  • Outstanding Service as an Admission Ambassador—Isabella Carioscia and Logan Sanford

  • Outstanding Service to the Women of Canterbury—Gigi Esposito and Kaly Naughton

  • Outstanding Contributions as a Sacristan—Claire Kessing

  • Outstanding Contributions in Student Government—Hayan Cai and Isabella Carioscia

The award presentations continued with academic honors given to Sixth Form students for specific areas of study:

  • Edward J. Duffy Family Award for excellence in the study of Studio Art, given in memory of Mr. Duffy by his children—Can “Ada” Cui

  • Francis T. Carmody ’25 Award for creative talent in art, given in memory of Trustee Francis Carmody, son of founding Trustee Terence Carmody—Kaly Naughton

  • Gerald A. and Therese J. Vanasse Choral Music Award in memory of Mr. Vanasse, who served as school organist, choral club accompanist, glee club director, music director of spring musicals, and shared his love of music with Canterbury students from 1960 to 1990, given to the student who has demonstrated the highest level of leadership—Neil Yao

  • Stephen N. ’43 And Lacey Hume Award, given in memory of Trustee Emeritus and son of the founding Headmaster, Stephen N. ’43, and his wife Lacey for excellence in the study of contemporary music—Maverick Foster and Alessandra King

  • Frederick L. Gilson ’50 Award for excellence in classical music performance—Ian Fernandes

  • Frederick L. Gilson ’50 Award for excellence in the study of the carillon—Neil Yao

  • John Thomas Smith Award for excellence in the study of English, given in memory of John Thomas Smith, benefactor of the School and parent—Lindsey Grandolfo

  • English Essay Award, presented to the author of the best critical essay written for the annual Sixth Form English essay assignment—Sarina Sheth

  • Francis T. Carmody ’25 Prize Awards for creative talent in prose—Christopher Lynch

  • Francis T. Carmody ’25 Prize Awards for creative talent in poetry—Aiden Richardson

  • Allan A. Ryan Award for excellence in the study of History, given in memory of Mr. Ryan, a founding Trustee and parent—Alastair Ostrowski

  • Captain Thomas J. Sartor Award for excellence in the study of science, given in memory of Captain Sartor from the Class of 1919, benefactor of the school and parent—Sarina Sheth and Neil Yao

  • Weldon R. Knox Award, established by the Class of 1971 in memory of Mr. Knox, who taught math from 1960 to 1975 and given to that student who has demonstrated the greatest improvement in the study of mathematics while at Canterbury—Philip Cappelli

  • James A. Farrell Award for excellence in the study of mathematics, given in memory of Mr. Farrell, a founding Trustee and benefactor of the School—Hanyan Cai

  • Hubert McDonnell Award for excellence in the study of theology, given in memory of Mr. McDonnell, a Trustee from 1938-1950 and parent—Jerry Keefe

  • James K. Breene, Jr. Latin Award, given to the Sixth Former who has demonstrated unusual dedication to the Classics while at Canterbury, by the Class of 1963 in memory of Mr. Breene, who was a Master at Canterbury from 1955 to 1973, during which time he inspired his students with his integrity, intellect, and humor—Neil Yao

  • Terence F. Carmody Award, given in memory of the founding Trustee for excellence in the study of French—Alastair Ostrowski

  • Terence F. Carmody Award, given in memory of the founding Trustee for excellence in the study of Spanish—Hanyan Cai, Katelynn Pizzano, and Sarina Sheth

  • Roderick Clarke ’46 Distinguished Academic Achievement Award, given by the Class of 1956 in memory of Mr. Clarke, who served Canterbury from 1954 to 1990 as a history teacher, Director of Studies, College Counselor, and as Canterbury’s Headmaster for his last twelve years, awarded to the student with the highest GPA—Class of 2022 Valedictorian Hanyan Cai

Following the award ceremony, Cullen Mulhern shared some thoughts with his classmates and the faculty and parents in attendance. “As a class we have experienced the ups and downs of Zoom learning and masking, but also reaped the benefits of the new Steers Center and Hamilton Stadium,” he said. “We have volunteered, performed, and competed. We have won HALOs and championships in soccer and basketball and, most importantly, cross country—shout-out to my man Hanyan! These bonds that we have built and friendships we have made are things we will never forget and look back on with our kids, grandkids, and maybe even future Canterbury students.”

Congratulations to all the Sixth Form award winners!