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Sixth Form Dinner and Retreat

Sixth Form Dinner and Retreat
Meredith Berry-Toon

Following the first academic day, Canterbury honored the Sixth Formers with the annual Sixth Form dinner. Students and faculty joined together to celebrate the year's convocation where 38 "diehard" students — those who have been at the school for all four forms — were applauded for their years of dedication to the School.

Head of School Rachel Stone addressed the rising senior class, emphasizing their important role in the student body and their influence on the tone for the year.

Sixth Formers concluded the dinner by shaking all faculty members' hands — symbolic of the same tradition to close out the year following the Commencement celebrations.

The Sixth Form Retreat followed the dinner, a change to the traditional start-of-year schedule. The event allowed the students, returners and those joining for the year, to reflect on how and why they arrived at Canterbury as well as the challenges and momentous occasions they have met along the way.

Brendan Omaña '19, a diehard and faculty child, spoke to his class about making sure Canterbury can be thought of as home for all students who attend. Sherley Arias-Pimental '19, also a diehard, discussed service and servant leadership.

Students and faculty closed the evening by sharing their hopes and prayers for the year, surrounded by the warm glow of candles in the Chapel of Our Lady.

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Sixth Form Dinner Sixth Form Retreat