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Sixth Formers Report on Off-Campus Projects

Meredith Berry-Toon
Canterbury's long-standing Sixth Form Project program provides students an opportunity to pursue one of their passions during an internship, off campus, for up to two months. Such projects must be planned in detail with a Sixth Form Project advisor and approved by the Project Committee.

This spring's participants returned to campus on May 24 to present an oral summary of their work to the Project Committee and interested students and faculty.

Kellie Kuenzle delved into her interests in photojournalism. Her project took her to Rome, Italy, where she will attend college next year. While there, she worked with Susan Wright, an Australian-born, Rome-based, blogger. She also spent time in Roatan, Honduras, photographing, researching and writing a story about the threat of the Lionfish on local habitats. Her final stop was Cardiff, California, where she worked with Bruce Meyer, a professional photographer and surfer.

Kelly Hu worked with professors at a college consulting company to understand their teaching methods and goals in preparing students to attend schools in the United States. As an assistant teacher, she mentored students and helped them prepare for standardized tests. In addition, she conducted interviews with Chinese students to try to determine why they attend American colleges and universities.

Anna An reported on what she learned while working for a technology company that focuses on developing products for the online education market. She studied basic programming, learned how to test new apps, and how to make sure there are no issues prior to going to market.

Katie Wu learned about the intricacies of planning large-scale events in the publishing industry. While interning at the marketing company that services "Harper's Bazaar" magazine, she worked on how to successfully create a marketing plan that communicates effectively with the magazine's readers.

Lindsay Kim told the Committee how she learned basic engineering concepts while working at a BioMechanics and Rehabilitation Laboratory in Korea. She developed teamwork through group projects and lab work helping people improve functions using wearable robots.

Alexandra Limas, a top-notch squash player, learned to develop lesson plans for coaching and teaching kids at StreetSquash in New York City. Her goal was to help kids develop confidence on the squash court and in the classroom.