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Spring Athletic Awards Presented to Students

Meredith Berry-Toon

Canterbury gathered on Monday, May 20 to honor the athletes who made outstanding contributions to their varsity team during this past spring season.

Each varsity coach presented two awards, the MVP Award and Coach’s Award. 

Coach Matt Crotta presented the Boys’ Tennis MVP Award to Jerry Yu ’20 and the William Stephanek ’78 Boys’ Tennis Trophy to Raif Harris ’19.

Coach Nikhil Seth presented the Girls’ Tennis MVP Award to Whitney Schwitter ’19 and the Horace E. Tennis Girls’ Tennis Award to Coco Booth ’19. 

Coach Julio Omaña present the Softball MVP Award to Rachael DeLong ’19 and the Barbara Frank Sheehan Softball Award to Kate Grissmer ’19. Rachael DeLong was aso named to the WNEPSSA Softball All-Stars team. 

Coach Meredith Berry-Toon presented the Girls’ Crew MVP Award to Brigida Caruso ’20 and Mary Bridget Horvath ’20 and the Coach’s Award to Erin Sudbey ’20. 

Coach Sally Ruderman presented the Boys’ Crew MVP Award to Schuyler St. Germain ’19 and the Coach’s Award to Eli Taylor ’19. 

Coach Bob Potter presented the Golf MVP Award to Lucas Williams ’19 and the Coach’s Award to Owen Ramee ’21.

Coach Matthew Biggary presented the Boys’ Track and Field MVP Award to Eric Massing ’19 and the Coach’s Award to Richmond Smith-Birch ’19. He also presented the Girls’ Track and Field MVP Award to Anna Imrie ’19 and the Coach’s Award to Lorelai Lee Swanek.

Coach Todd Mathewson presented the MVP Award to Max Cotier ’19 and the Class of 1962 Baseball Award to Chaz Powell ’19. 

Coach Chris Roberts presented the Boys’ Lacrosse MVP Award to Carter Finnen ’19 and the Coach’s Award to Matt Martin ’19. Additionally, Korbin Pecora ’19 and Jack Rafferty ’19 were named All Western New England Division II. 

Coach Lindsay Mulhern presented the Girls’ Lacrosse MVP Award to Casey Chizmazia ’19 and the Coach’s Award to Katherine Hesslink ’19.

Congratulations to all our spring athletes!

Spring Athletic Award Photos