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Students on the Sixth Form Project Present their Experiences

Meredith Berry-Toon

Six Canterbury Sixth Formers chose to spend their final weeks of high school exploring what they may pursue next in their academic and professional careers. Following March break, instead of returning to campus, each student traveled to their respective city of choice to begin a six-week internship. Projects varied, with some students returning to their home cities to explore an opportunity in a potential industry of interest while others used the time to further develop a known passion or talent. 

Both Zhiheng Deng and Sungwon Cho completed internships in the medical professional industry, in China and Korea, respectively. Tom worked for Ruihe Rehabilitation Medical Technology Ltd., a medical equipment import-export company, as an intern in the Marketing Department. Sungwon Cho focused her attention on improving public health programs while working at the Center for Clinical Epidemiology (CCE), Samsung Medical Center. Sungwon also joined the MSC (mesenchymal stem cells) engineering team of Medipost, which works on developing a cure for Alzheimer’s using stem cells. 

Both students reported learning the important skills of what it means to work within a team, as well as, how to be a self-starter and organizational skills as needed within a professional environment. 

Yu (Yvonne) Chen pursued her interest in fashion as a management trainee intern at Yihui Company, a fabric, yarn, and clothing manufacturer located in Wuxi, China. She spent time in various departments—including Production, Marketing and Sales, Design and Development, and Financial Departments—to better understand the many facets of the industry and where her passions and talents may intersect. One of Yvonne’s central projects was to keep track of market and audience trends and report back to her supervisors on her observations. Yvonne reported that the experience helped her understand what it is like to work in a fast-paced and deadline-oriented environment. 

Aijing (Lia) Ma also interned in China, completing a project with a well-respected gardener at the Hangzhou Jiabisin Company. She worked with professional photographers, filmmakers, gardeners, and product managers throughout the six-week internship and furthered her interest in the study of photography. Over the course of her internship, Lia created and published her own Vlogs and kept track of social media trends in gardening. 

Domestically, Olivia (Liv) McCormick delved into her songwriting and performance interests, spanning from New York City to Nashville, where she focused on writing music, learning about the music industry and going through the process of recording her own songs in a professional studio. In each location, Liv worked with professional producers, photographers, and lawyers, gaining important insight into the field. She concluded her project by recording her own songs. Finnegan Brown also spent time in New York City, working for Endeavor Catalyst, a non-profit built to promote global entrepreneurship. Finn was involved with the selection of companies that showed the most lucrative and most likely to create jobs and spark economic growth. 

Each of the Sixth Formers returned to campus prior to Commencement to present on their experiences for the Academic Committee and any Underformers with musings of doing the same their final year. 

To learn more about the Sixth Form Project, please reach out to Project Coordinator and Fine Arts Chair Kim Tester at

Photos of Sixth Form Project Presentation