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Students to Participate in Spanish Exchange Program


Seven Canterbury students began their school year several weeks early to participate in the Canterbury School-San Cayetano Spanish Exchange Program.

On August 18, Wyatt Campbell '19, Adrian DeCola '19, Spencer McLean '19, Brendan Omaña '19, Coco Booth '19, Erin Kincade '18, and Jenna Trezza '18 left campus for a five-week home stay in Palma de Mallorca, Beleares, Spain. Each student has been paired with a student from Colegio San Cayetano and will take a full complement of classes at San Cayetano.

In October, seven San Cayetano students will arrive at Canterbury to complete the exchange program. They will live with their host families.

When not in the classroom, each student will visit historic/cultural sites in Spain.

Canterbury Spanish teacher Julio Omaña, who accompanied this year's exchange students to Mallorca, began the program six years ago.

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