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Summer of Saints: Jacob Gee '22

Summer of Saints: Jacob Gee '22
Meredith Berry-Toon

Jacob Gee, an incoming day student in the class of 2022, grew up only about fifteen minutes from campus. He knew about Canterbury through its academic reputation in the surrounding area and when he started to look at high schools for his freshman (Third Form) year, Canterbury was at the top of his list.

The size of Canterbury's student body, classes, and athletic teams were all appealing for Jacob '22 and his family when they ultimately decided on the School. With fewer students, he notes, classes are smaller and each student has more attention from each faculty member - more time to learn in class and ask questions outside of class.

Jacob '22 plans to play football, basketball, and baseball, and he will be on campus for the fall preseason. He has already connected with Varsity Football coach Jim Stone and Varsity Baseball coach Todd Mathewson and has played on a traveling baseball team during middle school where he had met several of Canterbury's current players.

In a few weeks, Jacob '22 will join a class of approximately 50 incoming Third Form students. The future diehards, or four-year students, will get to know one another at the Third Form Retreat during the opening school weekend—a time for the class to form strong bonds that will last them their high school career and beyond.