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Summer of Saints: Nicola Sherriff '22

Summer of Saints: Nicola Sherriff '22
Meredith Berry-Toon

Every week through the start of the school year, Canterbury School will feature incoming students, current students, and faculty on our website and social media channels as we explore the different members of our community during this #SummerofSaints.

When Nicola Sherriff decided to join Canterbury's class of 2022, she became the fourth in her family to enter the Canterbury community. But her choice did not necessarily mean she was following directly in their footsteps.

"I was driving through campus with my parents in December when I thought, 'Wow, I would be really happy going here,'" noted Nicola '22. "My dad was surprised to hear that because it was not something we had talked about growing up."

While both of her parents had attended a boarding school - and her mom, Joanna Montague Sherriff graduated Canterbury School class of 1994 - living away for high school was not something specifically discussed with her family. "The campus was really beautiful, and I knew I would get a good education if I came here - and after talking, my parents agreed with that."

When at Canterbury in the fall, Nicola '22 plans to play field hockey, hockey, and lacrosse.

"With ice hockey, I really want to push myself," she said. "I think with living away from home and being part of a competitive high school team, I will definitely do that."

In addition to athletics, Nicola '22 was interested in the community service opportunities at the School. "I can really do more for the community around me, and I felt like I'd be able to involve myself in that here."

Nicola '22 hopes to participate in the annual trip to Nicaragua with theology faculty Amy Omaña '86. She will be visiting Costa Rica this summer with a trip organized by her sixth grade teacher. The group of eighth grade graduates will visit an orphanage and spend a week traveling with their peers, learning about the various ecosystems across the country and ways of life of people different than themselves. "Maybe this experience will set me up for the [Nicaragua] trip in a few years," she wondered.

Nicola '22 attended classes with her host, Grace LaVigne '20, on revisit day. She met the hockey and field hockey coaches at the activities fair and even gave her shot at participating in the Honors Spanish III class she attended.

"It was fun to experience what going to Canterbury would actually be like," she remarked. "And my mom was so excited to be back here." The pair ran into Theology Department Co-Chair Frank Bice '77, one of Nicola's mom's prior teachers. "I might even have him in class, too!"