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The Canterbury Community Kicks off the Academic Year

Meredith Berry-Toon

Canterbury welcomed back all students this past weekend after a full week of varsity team preseason practices and international student registration. New and returning students joined amidst hugs and shrieks of excitement at seeing friends and classmates once again at Friday night's All School Cookout.

Day and Boarding Student Proctors have been leading the Orientation activities, directing families through registration and ushering cars full of luggage into the dorms. Welcome Home was printed on the back of their Canterbury blue shirts as they guided students into their new homes for the year.

Following the busy week of registration, students participated in two full days of campus-wide activities. Saturday brought Form Adventures as each class met and socialized as a full group for the first time. Sherley Arias-Pimentel, a IV Form Proctor in Duffy, noted that there are many new students in her Form. "The activities gave everyone the chance to meet each other. It was good to get to know the new students during all of these great activities before classes start."

During Sunday's Color Run, faculty members stood ready to toss bags of dyed powder at students as they turned the corner around the athletic fields during the run. Faculty children participated in the event, too, jumping at the chance to pelt the older students with colored paint. Isadora Notias, a III Former in Duffy, remarked that she did not yet want to wash the paint off. "We look so cool with all the pink and blue in our hair!" Splattered with colored paint or not, all students joined for dinner on Sunday night outside of the Fieldhouse.

Classes began on Monday, September 11th, as well as, all after-school activities and athletic team practices.

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