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Third Form Students Participate in Annual Retreat in Local State Park

Third Form Students Participate in Annual Retreat in Local State Park
Kelly Slonaker

Third Form students, Sacristans, and faculty chaperones travelled to Lover’s Leap State Park in New Milford on Wednesday, October 16, for the Annual Third Form Retreat. The retreat, led by Sacristans and Faculty, offers an opportunity for Third Formers to reflect on their first few weeks of school, and set goals for the year and the rest of their time at Canterbury. Students and faculty advisors discussed challenges they met so far this year, and the people and resources at Canterbury that students have already turned to for guidance.

The Sacristans, many of whom had been on the retreat during their first year at the School, were charged with leading the Third Formers to stations across the wooded park and to various overlooks of Lake Lillinonah. They helped asked questions and facilitate discussions amongst the Third Form class. Kiley McCooey ’23 shared, “This retreat helped me reflect on the good things in life and also showed me what I need to work on. [...] The questions showed me that being part of a community and caring for others is really important, and when others see that you care, it makes them feel good.”

All Forms at Canterbury partake in a Form Retreat each year. The Retreats serve as a way to bring each class together for reflection, unity, and contemplation.