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Twelve Halo Award Nominations Earned for Fall Production of Clue

Kelly Slonaker

The Canterbury Theater production of Clue in November was inarguably a hit. Based on the cult classic film and the popular board game, Clue — and its iconic ensemble known as Scarlett, Plum, White, Green, Peacock, and Mustard — kept the audience in laughter and suspense throughout both performances. Now, Clue’s cast and crew have been nominated for several awards for their performances.

The Halo Awards, sponsored by the Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury, CT, honor high school students’ achievements in all aspects of theatre. Over 60 high schools from across the State of Connecticut participate annually in the Award Ceremony, held each year since 2003. On learning of the award nominations, Clue’s co-director Sarah Armstrong shared, “The cast and crew are so excited to have their hard work pay off with this incredible recognition of their fall production.”

Excitingly, in the 15 categories in which Canterbury was eligible, the school earned 12 nominations:
Best Comic Male Performance in a Production: Sebastian Voskericyan ’22  as Professor Plum

Best Comic Female Performance in a Production: Abby Omaña ’20 as Mrs. Peacock

Best Costume Design/Execution: Erin Sudbey ’20 and Erik Stedman ’20

Best Hair and/or Makeup Design/Execution: Erin Sudbey ’20 and MaryBridget Horvath ’20

Best Sound Design and/or Execution: Jiwon Lee ’20

Best Scenic Design and/or Execution: Ella Cafiero ’22, Rylee Miles ’21, Lexah Caraluzzi ’21, and Niko Azan ’22

Best Props Design and/or Management: Celine Yoo ’21 and Angela Danso-Adjei ’23

Best Running Crew: Canterbury School’s Run Crew (Daniella Suarez ’21, Alana Arnaeva ’22, and David Salazar ’22)

Best Stage Management: Stage Manager Jilly Carleton ’20, and Assistant Stage Managers Giselle Bradshaw ’21 and Kennison Harmon ’21

Best Performance by a Cast in an Ensemble Production: Canterbury School Theater Presents Clue

Best Female Standout Performance in an Ensemble Production: Chiara Vaccaro ’20 as Mrs. White

Best Contemporary Play: Canterbury School Theater Presents Clue

Canterbury students will find out who will win each award on June 25 during a virtual awards ceremony. Congratulations to all the nominees!