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Voices Flower in Songs of Spring Concert

Meredith Berry-Toon

On the evening of April 28, Canterbury's choral program presented its annual Songs of Spring concert featuring the Chorale and Schola Cantorum in the School's Chapel of Our Lady.

Directed by Sarah Armstrong and accompanied by pianist Amy Vinisko, the groups performed selections that spanned several musical genres. Highlights included an Appalachian ("Every Night, When the Sun Goes In") and a Bulgarian folk song ("Erghen Diado") and a piece in French ("Je le vous dirai!"). Steven Luo '19 accompanied the Chorale on piano for one number, and singer Jessica Garcia '19 played guitar on another.

The program also included a senior showcase, which featured solos by Opong Bramble, Bridget Murphy, Olivia Dibb, and Courtney Dunham.

Members of the Chorale and Schola Cantorum not previously mentioned are: Zach Booth, Giorgo Caripidis Soto, Tom Deng, Nellie Horvath, Eli Taylor, and Selina Xin.

A highly appreciative audience gave the performers a well-deserved standing ovation.

Congratulations to all the performers for a memorable night of music!

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