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We Are Better Together

Meredith Berry-Toon
After Fifth Formers enjoyed each other's company and a delicious dinner in the dining room, they walked to Carter House common room to hear guest speaker Ed Perley '76 talk about how servant leadership has played a prominent role in his life.

Ed told his story of suffering a major stroke in Fifth Form year at Canterbury. When he returned to campus after months of rehabilitation, he found a community that embraced him and provided Ed with assistance in all his activities of daily living.

"The Canterbury family is always ready to help those in need," said Ed. "I know that from personal experience. My classmates, teachers, coaches, and members of the staff all pulled together to make my life right again."

To conclude his talk, Ed challenged each Fifth Former to "identify your passion and to go for it."Adding, "And when you are moved by some event, remember this night and remember that it might be a sign that you should pursue it."

Here is a sampling of student responses when they were asked what they took away from the talk.

"How supportive the Canterbury community is and how grateful we should be of our time here because we won't always be together."

"That Canterbury is the experience of a lifetime and the connections that I make here are irreplaceable."

"When Mr. Perley mentioned the idea of giving back. That really stuck with me. The feeling of giving is much more significant than receiving."

George Malhame '74, one of several graduates who traveled to campus to hear their friend Ed's talk, said, "The Fifth Formers who were present learned firsthand what makes Canterbury so special."

Canterbury's Theology Department organizes a retreat for each Form during the school year. Thus far, the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Forms have experienced their retreat. The Sixth Form retreat will occur this spring.

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