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What Floats Your Boat?

Meredith Berry-Toon

Canterbury students gathered at the William W. Higgins '53 Aquatic Center on the morning of May 15 to support the School's engineering class's twice-yearly boat race.

The project, supervised by engineering teacher Michael Kennedy, is the culmination of a unit on aerodynamics and buoyancy.

For several weeks, seven small groups of students researched and designed a boat they hoped would stay afloat – with a student onboard! – for a journey up and down the length of the pool.

Students constructed their boats out of cardboard and duct tape only.

Some boats successfully completed the journey while others, alas, sank quickly. No matter how each team fared, onlookers enthusiastically cheered the efforts of their peers.

The team of Anna Orlando '17 and Nate Bresson '17 won the event.

Thanks to New Milford's Big Y supermarket for donating the cardboard.

To view photos of the event, click here.