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What's a Rake 'n' Bake?

What's a Rake 'n' Bake?
Meredith Berry-Toon

Seven Canterbury students participated in the 17th Annual Community Volunteer Rake 'n' Bake, held in Brookfield, CT on November 12. Gregory McKenna, father of Greg '19, helped organize the event, and Young Greg recruited some of his Canterbury friends to take part.

The purpose of the event is for people to rake for people in the community who are unable to do so. The "client" then bakes something as "payment" or thank you. This group received two trays of brownies baked by a 98-year-old woman and her 70-year-old daughter, the residents of the house they cleaned-up.

The official event took place on Saturday morning, November 12. Eager volunteers gathered at Brookfield High School at 7:30 a.m. for their team assignment and name badges. Because of their busy schedules at Canterbury, these boys "raked and baked" on Sunday instead.

Photo caption, l-r: Fourth Formers Connor Cherry, Greg McKenna, Brendan Omaña Alex Luo, Tyler Frederick, Carlos Mus, Will Ondrey.

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