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Reporting Resources


Canterbury is committed to ensuring a healthy school environment where students, faculty, and staff live and work together in a community free of harassment, discrimination, and sexual misconduct.  To that end, the School adheres to and regularly assesses its policies and programs designed to protect the safety of all community members. 

 In order to remove as many barriers as possible for reporting misconduct and to support the members of our community in promptly bringing such concerns to light, Canterbury offers a variety of avenues by which to report. Any person with a time-sensitive safety concern should access whatever form of contact is most immediately available.

All incidents reported will be handled with care and concern for the persons involved and for the welfare of the entire community.  Any disclosure will be evaluated by the Head of School, Board of Trustees, senior leadership, and School counsel to determine if it is reportable under Connecticut legal statutes.  When a report is deemed necessary, the Connecticut Department of Children and Families is notified.