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Spiritual Life


While continuing to honor our Catholic heritage, spiritual life at Canterbury celebrates the diverse religious traditions of our students and supports their important growth as individuals, as members of a community, and as citizens of the world. 

Canterbury instills a sense of common values in our students, creating a culture of caring and belonging and always underscoring the importance of understanding one’s backgrounds and beliefs. We focus on all that we have in common and encourage our students to participate in spiritual life on campus in ways that are most meaningful to them.  

We are open and inclusive.

Canterbury is a school founded in the Catholic tradition and warmly welcoming to students of all backgrounds and faiths. We guide and encourage each student to pursue his or her own path of spiritual growth. Here, students’ individual explorations are enriched by encounters with friends who hold different beliefs as well as those who share their own. 

We value the building of community. 

We ask students to take an active part in shaping our community and the world around them. They are inspired by academic and extracurricular opportunities, by relationships formed in and out of the classroom, and by all the moments ‘in-between’ that spark their curiosity, self-discovery, and a deep sense of personal responsibility.

We live by a system of values.

Canterbury’s values-based mission, anchored by our Five Values of Honesty, Respect, Compassion, Spirituality, and Self-Reliance, creates an exemplary learning community that inspires students to live mindfully, act with honor and moral courage, lead with distinction, and serve with a generosity of spirit. Learn more about our values.

We inspire leadership.

Every student is encouraged to find their niche as a leader while also recognizing that real leadership comes from lifting up those around you. We believe that leadership is collaborative, guided by moral and ethical values, and best demonstrated through service to others and a desire to improve our world. Learn more about student leadership opportunities.

We encourage intellectual exploration.

A challenging theology curriculum invites students to learn about the scriptures, traditions, and major world religions while also engaging in ethical issues and social justice advocacy.  Learn more about our theology course offerings.

We are dedicated to service and justice.

We put our beliefs into action through service to others and in the cause of social justice. We take pride in our commitment to helping those in need—a commitment that unites our school community through opportunities that many describe as life-changing. Learn more about our D'Amour Center for Faith, Service & Justice.




Tracy Garcia-LaVigne | THEOLOGY TEACHER


The Chapel of Our Lady

The Chapel of Our Lady is open during the day and on designated evenings for silent reflection and prayer.  Roman Catholic Mass is celebrated on Sundays.

D'Amour CENTER FOR Faith,

Inspired by our Catholic heritage, the D'Amour Center lies at the heart of Canterbury’s mission. It is a shared space where faith and action, service and learning, and dialogue and reflection intersect.


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