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Catholic Heritage

Canterbury is a school grounded in its Catholic heritage that warmly welcomes students of all faiths. Many of our families come from other religious backgrounds, and whatever their individual beliefs, all students share an experience shaped by the same unchanging conviction—that spiritual and personal growth is an important part of any truly complete education. The wide-ranging backgrounds of our community speak to the inclusive atmosphere found on campus and the importance that our students and their families place on an education that fosters moral development and spiritual discovery. 

Throughout the course of the school year, we offer Catholic students occasions to practice and deepen their faith, through the weekly celebration of Mass, observance of Holy Days of Obligation, retreats, campus ministry events, and the opportunity to serve as leaders of our community in the role of Sacristans. Students of other religious denominations are supported in the practice of their faith, and transportation is provided to local places of worship. 

In modeling the life and works of Jesus, we believe strongly that students should follow a call to servant leadership and recognize the importance of helping those in need. While service hours are not required, the Canterbury community proudly demonstrates a willing commitment to serve others through various service opportunities and social justice advocacy projects throughout the year.

Our theology curriculum combines breadth and depth, with a range of courses including an in-depth study of the life and ministry of Jesus, Scripture and Tradition, Introduction to Philosophy, and World Religions, to name a few. While the framework for spiritual life is provided by the teachings of the Catholic Church, students of all faiths are encouraged to draw on their own religious traditions. All students are required to take one theology course each year.  



I saw God in this pattern of moss. I know it was created by God just for this moment; the unique and completely random pattern has never been seen before and will never be
seen again.

Sabrina Capodicci  ’20


Half of the picture is the blue sky with white clouds, and half of it is the green leaves and brown branches. How wonderful it is to witness the tree and clouds, which are far from each other, to be so harmonious in one scene. It is a perfect combination of land and sky, and I see God in the harmony.

Jane Wu ’20

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