Student Life

This is your chance to do it all. Canterbury’s offerings in academics, athletics, the arts, student activities, and community service present you with possibilities that go beyond those available at most schools. You can focus on a key interest and take it to a whole new level or develop a talent you never even know you had. Nestled on a hilltop in Litchfield County, our location, combined with outstanding academic, athletic and the art facilities, creates the perfect environment to develop your talents, grow as a student, form lasting friendships, and deepen your knowledge of self.

This is an environment where faculty and students work and live together, brought together by our Five Values: Respect, Compassion, Self-Reliance, Honesty, and Spirituality. Classes and athletics are the core of a Canterbury experience, but there are many other activities and aspects of our hilltop community that make students' days full. The Canterbury experience is all about involvement and exploration. You will find that your teachers, coaches, and friends will eagerly support you in trying new things and in encouraging you to take the right kind of risk.

There are many opportunities for you to become involved in student activities in addition to participation on athletic teams. From working on student publications to being part of the theater tech crew; from becoming active in community service to taking part in Campus Ministry, Canterbury students genuinely do it all. Students have been profoundly affected by participating in service trips to Nicaragua or Lourdes, France. The Emmaus and Form Retreats offer peaceful oases amidst busy days for students to take part in each semester. Campus clubs, additional areas of interest for students to explore, span a wide range of topics. The Robotics Club, Stock Market Club, and Debate Club are popular activities, while the student newspaper (The Tabard), "Pizza and Prayer", and the Chicken Keepers Club are other options for you to explore. (And fresh eggs are always available for all community members!)

Weekends are filled with special events such as Game Show Night and Canterbury Games. Students are able to take advantage of our location by participating in Ski trips or outings to New York City. On campus, our residential faculty foster a home-like atmosphere within the dormitories, providing support and fun activities. Proctors, Upper Form students who serve as leaders in the dormitories, host Dorm Nights and other weekly activities for all residential students. Day students spend as much time on campus as they wish. Most eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the School and may spend an occasional night in the Dorm. Day students are active participants in campus organizations and weekend activities.

In every aspect of community life, the relationships students form with each other and with faculty make the entire Canterbury experience uniquely meaningful and memorable. Canterbury gives every student the chance to step forward and experience leadership - with a team, club, or student government, in the arts, the dorms, or community service.

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Welcome to Canterbury!
Whether you are a prospective parent or student, we would love to help answer any questions you may have. online form


Welcome to Canterbury!
Whether you are a prospective parent or student, we would love to help answer any questions you may have. online form


Welcome to Canterbury!
Whether you are a prospective parent or student, we would love to help answer any questions you may have. online form

What Students Say

The community service opportunities at Canterbury are such a natural part of our school. It's awesome to see our teachers and faculty so passionate about volunteering and the feeling is contagious. My favorite community service experiences have been sibling shopping, helping with the youth hockey program, and working with Fabretto schools in Nicaragua. -Sarah. Wilton, CT
My involvement with the yearbook during my Canterbury career has had a significant impact on my life as a student. I have discovered my creative passions and progressed to the leadership position of editor-in-chief for my Sixth Form year. -Morgan. Ridgefield, CT