Form Retreats

Each Form has an opportunity to reflect on their lives, learn to trust one another and pray together. Each retreat caters to the particular needs of that Form.

  1. III Form – The Living Mass - a program in a local state park
  2. IV Form – Building Community - a local community service project
  3. V Form – Servant Leadership - a dinner and discussion
  4. VI Form – Transitions - small on-campus discussion groups
  5. V and VI Forms – Emmaus (optional, overnight)

Emmaus is an adaptation of the Roman Catholic Cursillo (pronounced cur-SEE-o) Movement, which originated in Spain in 1949. Cursillo de Cristianidad means "little course in Christianity." The original Cursillo leaders designed the program to empower persons to transform their living and working environments into Christian environments. Canterbury took these roots and integrated its lay Catholic heritage to produce a powerful retreat for and with its students.

Emmaus at Canterbury is a three-day retreat for Fifth and Sixth Formers that aims to deepen their relationships with themselves, others, and, most importantly, God. Through small-group discussions and exercises, students are given the spiritual tools to become closer to God and others. The rector and group leaders of the retreat are students, normally Sacristans, and give a majority of the talks.

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