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Leading with Values

Leading at Canterbury is a lived experience that weaves into every aspect of your daily life. Rooted in our Five Values—Honesty, Respect, Compassion, Spirituality, and Self-Reliance—these principles guide you as you navigate your journey of personal growth, both within the campus and beyond. A key aspect of leadership at Canterbury is servant leadership, where your primary aim as a leader is to be in service to others. This guiding philosophy is central to everything you'll engage in, equipping you to emerge as a moral leader in a complex, secular world.

Saints have the opportunity to take on leadership roles in all facets of their lives here. Whether in the dorm, on the playing field, or as a member of a club or group, they can learn and practice the skills necessary to become thoughtful and considerate leaders.

Student Leadership Positions

Student leader speaking.


One of the most respected and highly regarded student leadership positions at Canterbury, available for students to apply as they enter into their Sixth Form year. Personal character, demonstrated faith, and leadership qualities define those Sixth Formers who earn this position, as they help create the student culture at the School.

Sixth Form Council

Elected by the rising Sixth Form each spring. The group is charged with fostering community on campus through events like the FGS Day (formerly Gunnery Day) pep-rally and Spirit Week, working with the Student Life Office and the Head of School on student initiatives, and running School Meeting each Friday. They set an example to their peers and to underformers by the way they live their life at school each day.

Student leaders next to the Steers Center.

Boarding Proctor

Live in the dorm with faculty dorm parents to listen to and look out for our boarding students. They help new and returning students move into their rooms, make sure they feel settled in, and help them adjust to the schedule and dorm rules. Serving as leaders and role models, they meet regularly with Dorm Heads, the Student Life Office, and the Director of Counseling to discuss concerns raised by other students regarding dorm life.

Day Proctor

Selected from among the Sixth Form day students to serve as leaders and role models for all day students. Though they don't live on campus, they meet regularly with the Student Life staff to discuss concerns raised by the day students, and they handle issues of parking and appropriate behavior.

International Student Ambassador

Help new international students adjust to life at Canterbury. Throughout the year, they help plan opportunities for the entire community to share heritages, cultures, and cuisines.

Admission Lead Ambassador

Coming from a variety of backgrounds and interests and working with our Admission Office to give tours, greet prospective families, and provide the student perspective of life on the hilltop. They help answer any questions prospective students may have about the Admission process as well as residential life, athletic requirements, and the Canterbury community.

Athletic Team Captain

Experienced athletes who exemplify a positive attitude, good sportsmanship, and commitment to their team and coaches. Captains lead their team by example and help run practices and workouts. 

Interfaith Council

Open to students of any form; work to create space on campus for students who identify with any spirituality or religion, or who are exploring their own faith questions. The Council works in tandem with the Sacristans to lead Form Retreats, as well as to create a space of welcome and inclusion within our community through interfaith prayer services, events, and dialogue. Students may apply to become part of the Interfaith Leadership team.

Student smiling.