Residential Life

A Day in the Life (Sarah, 6th Former)

7AM: Wake-Up, Shower, Get Ready for Class
7:50 AM- Walk to Breakfast with Sophie and Kate
8:15 AM- AP Macro
9:05 AM-Intro to Piano
9:55 AM- School Meeting
10:10 AM- Hang out with friends (maybe study a little)
10:45 AM- Calculus
11:35 AM: AP Spanish
12:20 PM: Lunch w/ Sarah, Lily, Bella, Bridget and Julia
1:35 PM: AP English Lit
2:25 PM: Theology
3:10 PM-Afternoon Snack, get ready for practice
3:45 PM- Cross Country Practice
5:30 PM- Workout in the Gym with Anna and Chelsea
6:00 PM-Women of Canterbury Dinner
7:00 PM: Hang out with friends
7:45 PM: Dorm Check-In and Prep for Study Hall
8-10PM: Study Hall
10-10:45PM- Hang with friends in the dorm or review for a test
10:45-11:00PM- Get Ready for Bed
11:00PM- BED

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