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Saints On The Hill

Saints on the Hill is a time (School Meeting) and place (Maguire Auditorium) for current students and faculty to, simply, speak. It began as a way for community members to share pieces of themselves, explain their stories, and, in highlighting differences, find similarities. It has now extended into its fourth year as a designated part of Thursday School Meeting. Each week, a community member is spotlighted through their presentation—they share their most tightly held values, speak about their particular passions, or tell a story that has shaped who they are. Students are able to showcase pieces of themselves, and the audience is able to resonate, laugh, and come away feeling like we all know each other just a little bit better. Students have shared stories from the impact of the Lourdes trip to overcoming athletic injury and carrying on the legacy of a beloved faculty member and family.

Saints on the Hill is...

… a wrecking ball meant to break down those walls of assumption we have towards each other, a key that unlocks the true stories hidden on campus, a foundation for new friendships, a glimpse into the lives of those around you, and the nourishment needed for our community to grow. I can’t think of anywhere else where a student would feel comfortable enough to stand up in front of all of their classmates and tell part of their story… or a student body that would receive their story with such care and respect! It’s not easy to be vulnerable, especially with your entire high school looking at you—but Saints on the Hill truly shows the type of community we have on campus.Sherley Arias-Pimental ’19
founder of Saints on the Hill