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Spiritual Life

A Path for Everyone

What does our Catholic heritage look like today? Canterbury is an inclusive, interfaith community that allows students to grow, learn, and experience faith in many ways.

Spiritual Life

Within a high school experience framed by Catholic values and guided by an individual faith journey, Canterbury students develop a deep sense of self and purpose and embrace their role as ethical citizens in an increasingly complex world.

Faith Pathways

We see and support ”lanes” or pathways of faith for our students:

An Opportunity to Grow in Faith

Some students arrive with a strong faith foundation and wish to continue deepening that commitment and growing in that faith while here. Catholic students may participate in Canterbury’s Confirmation program, aspire to be a Sacristan, and attend Mass. Students who bring other faith backgrounds may attend a local place of worship, join the Interfaith Council, or help lead initiatives on campus via the D’Amour Center for Faith, Service & Justice.

An Introduction to Faith

Some students arrive with little exposure to or experience with faith and are introduced to prayer, religious traditions, and a foundation of faith while at Canterbury. The seeds of faith are planted, and these students have opportunities to learn more and decide how they want to carry faith forward in their lives.

A Framework of Respect for Faith Traditions

Some students arrive without a connection to faith and ultimately decide that religion will not play a formal role in their lives. Still, while at Canterbury, they do learn to respect different religious traditions and understand why faith plays an integral role in the lives of others.

No ”Fourth Lane”

The lane found at most high schools does not exist at Canterbury: students cannot ”opt out” of learning about different faith traditions, participating in community service, and developing respect for the role religion plays in the lives of others.



Servant Leadership

In modeling the life and works of Jesus, we believe strongly that you should follow a call to servant leadership and recognize the importance of helping those in need. While service hours are not required, the Canterbury community proudly demonstrates a willing commitment to serve others through various service opportunities and social justice advocacy projects.

Theology Curriculum

Our theology curriculum combines breadth and depth, with a range of courses including an in-depth study of the life and ministry of Jesus, Scripture, tradition, Catholic social justice, morality, and world religions. While the framework for spiritual life is provided by the teachings of the Catholic Church, you are encouraged to draw on your own religious traditions and faith. All students are required to take one theology course each year.

Students at a retreat near a body of water.