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Student Activities

Student's days at Canterbury are filled with academics and athletics, but students also pursue their own interests in a wide variety of clubs, activities, and community service. In addition to long established clubs and activities, motivated students have started their own club with the help of faculty advisors, and several student-initiated clubs have become hallmarks of the Canterbury experience.

Big Brother/Big Sister

This program matches new students with returning Fifth and Sixth Form students to make the transition to Canterbury more comfortable. Communication is established during the summer and continues into orientation week, often leading to enduring relationships between new and returning students.

Student Publications

Several student publications offer an opportunity to gain experience in layout, graphic design, photography, writing, and business. The Cantuarian is Canterbury’s yearbook. The Carillon, the school’s literary magazine, is a collection of student poetry, short stories, essays, artwork, and photography. The Tabard is the school newspaper.

My involvement with the yearbook during my Canterbury career has had a significant impact on my life as a student. I have discovered my creative passions and progressed to the leadership position of editor-in-chief for my Sixth Form year.-MORGAN. RIDGEFIELD, CT
Women of Canterbury

This organization sponsors activities, discussion groups, and community service projects to enrich the educational and social environment for Canterbury girls.

2019 Photos

Weekend activities

Trips to the mall and local movie theaters, a trip to a play or musical on Broadway, a Mr. Canterbury Pageant, Game Show Night, and Fieldhouse Fun Night.

Special events

Canterbury Games, Spirit Week, International Week, and the Women of Canterbury Dinner. Advisors and coaches regularly host advisee and team dinners.

Spirit Week 2019 Photos

What Students Say

The community service opportunities at Canterbury are such a natural part of our school, it hardly feels like a job. It's awesome to see our teachers and faculty so passionate about volunteering and the feeling is contagious. —Sarah. Wilton, CT

Community Service