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Day Student Experience


Experience the benefits of a vibrant, around-the-clock community of students and faculty, while maintaining your daily bond with your family and local community.

Just because you commute to campus doesn't mean you miss out on life at Canterbury. Your day extends well beyond your final class, with a whole host of sports, clubs, and activities to choose from.

No dorm room? No problem. With a variety of student-centered spaces like Ragland Commons and Steers Center Cafe, you can stay well into the evening, catching up with friends over meals, joining study groups, or simply unwinding and having fun. 

And there’s always an open invitation on weekends when campus comes alive with events and opportunities for overnight stays. All making Canterbury feel like a true home away from home.  

Two make students walking on campus

Day Student Life Highlights

Being a day student at Canterbury offers a unique blend of the traditional school experience with the rich tapestry of a boarding community. Dive deep into our academic and extracurricular activities, enjoy the close-knit community, and return home to the comfort of your family each evening.
Integrated Experience

Engage fully with both the academic and social life at Canterbury, ensuring a holistic school experience without missing a beat.

Flexible Schedule

Participate in evening study groups, weekend events, and special occasions, while also enjoying home life and local commitments.

Dedicated Day Student Spaces

Take advantage of comfortable spaces designed specifically for day students to study, relax, and connect between classes.

Community Engagement  

Forge strong connections with boarding students, join clubs, lead initiatives, and be an integral part of our diverse and welcoming community.

Dining at Canterbury  

Day students enjoy the same delicious meals in our dining hall and Steers Center Cafe. Whether it's a quick breakfast, a leisurely lunch, or joining friends for dinner, we have you covered.

Extended Campus Access  

Even after the school day ends, our campus remains open to day students. Utilize our library, athletic facilities, arts spaces, and more.

Support & Resources  

Benefit from academic advising, counseling, and various resources available to all Canterbury students. Our dedicated faculty and staff are always here to guide and assist.

Being a day student at Canterbury is like having the best of both worlds. On one hand, I'm super involved in everything the school offers—from clubs to sports and even weekend activities. But what's also cool is that I can still do stuff in my local community. Whether it's a local job or spending time with my family, I don't have to choose between school life and home life—I get to have both. It's like I'm fully immersed in the Canterbury experience while also staying connected to my roots.