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International Student Experience

At Canterbury, you are part of a truly global community, with students hailing from all corners of the world. We understand that studying abroad can present unique challenges, and we are here to help you acclimate not only to life in the United States but also to the vibrant Canterbury community.

As you pursue your Canterbury education, you'll discover how a classroom discussion, a dorm gathering, a team practice, or simple interactions with your peers can transform when you and your classmates from around the world come together to exchange perspectives and share stories. As an international student at Canterbury, you'll have access to a range of special events and programs designed to enhance your experience. These programs are designed to enrich your experience at Canterbury, ensuring that you feel welcomed, supported, and connected throughout your journey here.

Group of diverse students standing in sunset

Some of the special events and programs for our international students:

International Student Ambassador Program

This program offers you the opportunity to take on a leadership role on campus. If selected, you'll assist with fall orientation and play a crucial role in organizing and executing various international events throughout the academic year. It's a chance to be a guiding force within our community.

International AfFAIR

This annual event is a favorite among students. You'll have the chance to create booths that represent your country or culture, sharing traditional food and activities with your peers. It's a wonderful way to showcase your heritage and connect with others.

International Student Dinners and Cultural Celebrations

These informal gatherings provide a space for you to come together with fellow students, enjoying hearty meals while sharing your unique traditions. It's an opportunity to bond over food and culture.

Local Outings to Restaurants and Markets

We understand the importance of feeling at home, even when you're far from it. That's why we organize outings to Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean restaurants, as well as shopping trips to Asian Markets. It's a taste of home away from home.

Coming to Canterbury, I thought it would be intimidating to be so far from home, but it was anything but scary. I was able to bring my own culture into the mix—in classroom talks, sports teams, you name it. And it's awesome how much I've learned from local students; they bring a totally different, but really valuable, viewpoint. It's like we're all along on the same ride that's making us better people and world citizens.

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